August 2020
My Army of Tennessee battle flag is absolutely beautiful. I can see how much care and attention to detail was put into making it. This stunning flag is much more than what I anticipated and everyone I've shown it to is highly impressed by the workmanship. I will definitely be placing more orders with you for other flags after seeing this one. Thank you for what you do and God bless.

August 2020
The flag is absolutely beautiful, and I plan on ordering a battle flag when I determine which version my ancestors fought under.

June 2020
I received the flag on Saturday.  It is perfect and your wife does beautiful work. I do not have enough kind words to say about it.  Thank you both very much and best wishes.

March 2020
Our Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp contacted Chris and Le about producing a custom sewn cotton version of our recently adopted Camp Flag based on the General Forrest Flag and typical Army of Tennessee Regimental flags. Based on the photos of their work on their website I knew we were going to get quality work, but I was not prepared for just how well made and beautifully done our flag would be until it arrived in the mail after completion. You can tell that these flags are not only carefully and skillfully made, but also lovingly made with historic attention to detail and respect for what these flags represent. Chris made sure to duplicate the design of our flag, lettering and font exactly as we asked. The work by Dixie Memories is highly recommended and I must say the flag they produced far exceeded our expectations. The production of the flag was quick and was shipped back to us immediately after being completed. Le and Chris, thank you many times!
Louisiana SCV Camp

Just opened my flag! Oh my gosh!! This thing is amazing. She does great work. Some of the best I've seen. Thank y'all so much. It will be displayed with pride! Thanks again!
Keith, Alabama

I received the CSA flag today and it was well worth waiting for.  Knowing that it was hand made by a private individual like the original ones makes it all the more special.  It is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship.  Seeing flags in a museum just does not compare to one that is mine.  My great-grandfather fought and was wounded serving in that war, and the flag will serve as a remembrance of my heritage.
Ronnie, Georgia

I received my flag yesterday evening, 1/28,2016.  This is the most impressive flag I have seen in quite a long time!  Thank you very much for making a PERFECT Confederate Battle Flag.  It was well worth the wait.  God Bless You.
Tom, Texas

The flag arrived yesterday.  Absolutely amazing!!!  Thank you very much!!!
George, Arizona

I received the two flags last week and I just wanted to thank you and tell you that I am very impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of flags I received.  I feel they were worth waiting for.
Scott, Indiana

Just wanted to say the flag arrived here in Switzerland, and it looks gorgeous! For now it will hang on my wall, until the memorial is built.  Thanks!

I received the flag.  BEAUTIFUL WORKMANSHIP !!!  A+++
Thank you,
Ken, North Carolina

Thanks so much. This flag, 2nd national to proportion and your hand sewn "God Save the South" is magnificent.
My prayers for you and family.
best regards,
Thomas, Colorado

They are absolutely gorgeous!  You have such attention to detail and quality.
I think I will have to order some for my friends.
Bill, California

Amazing... the package arrived in my box,..... I open the postage envelope and unzipped the bag..... totally great piece of art work.... the scent of new cloth......too,......super job...... I am enjoying this....
Thanks so much.  M. S. North Carolina

Battle flag, received it yesterday, museum quality what can I say job well done.
Kevin, Washington state.

The flag arrived yesterday. It's fine work and beautiful craftsmanship. I'd like to order a Missouri State Battle flag one day, but I have to save up for the purchase. Very proud to have one of Chris' flags.
Thank you, Keith D.  St. Louis, Missouri

We are so pleased receiving the remarkable flag today.  The workmanship was perfect!  We are so proud to own such a beautiful flag.
Al E. Burkeville, Virginia

Just retrieved it from my mail box. It's gorgeous! Stars sewn on both sides, both sides identical with sewn seams and edges. I'm very pleased! Thank-you very much and God bless you all and God bless Dixie!   Jacque,  Knoxville, Tennessee

Chris, Thank you for the beautiful 1st National Confederate flag.  It is truly a work of art, and will be displayed with honor.  God bless you.
Sincerely, J. R. R. Crane Hill, Alabama

Mrs. Caudell, I received the Southern Cross Flag I ordered today. It is stunning, and of the highest quality. I will fly this Flag with honor as a testament to Southern values and traditions. Times may change, but we Southerners will never die, and will pass the history and sacrifice of this symbol on to future generations. God Bless, SFC Ronald M (USA RET).

Thanks Chris, this was the second heritage flag you have made for our family.  As with the first one, it can only be described as stunningly beautiful.  The workmanship is beyond reproach, and anyone who looks at it can see the heartfelt emotion that you put into your flags.
They are works of art.....the E-------- family.

Wayne E.
Olympia, WA

Dear Mrs. Caudell,

Our Commanding Officer sends his respects, and has instructed me to relay to you the following message:

The Battle Flag you made for the 15th Virginia Cavalry is just beautiful, and we will be proud to carry it as an original. Your respect and sensitivity for our heritage, demonstrated in your craftsmanship, is truly a work of art as well as a labor of love.

We will defend our new Flag over the thunder of our horses, through the smoke from our revolvers and the clash of our sabers, with our very honor if needs be. We will recommend you to all who will comment on how handsome our Flag looks: the white of purity, the blue of fidelity, and the red for those who have gone before us, but are still remembered today.

Our hats are off to you, kind Lady of the South, and to your creation. Once again we have a Memory of Dixie in our time.

I remain your humble servant,
Adjutant, St. Brides Co.
15th Virginia Cavalry

I received my flag today and I love it. The quality and workmanship was excellent, I could not ask for more. In this day and time when every-body and ever-thing seems to be against our sacred flag and wants to remove it from history it makes us real southerners more stronger than ever. This flag will cover my coffin when I am gone. I will highly recommend your work, and also I have another flag I want you to make. If any-one wants a recommendation on your work feel free to give them my e-mail address.
long live the south........................
Walter K, Sr. Wellborn, Florida

Dear Chris,

The Flag arrived on Monday. The workmanship is beautiful, and I shall fly it with great pride. Thank you so much, not only for your fine work, but your prompt shipping, and attention to your customers. It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Lt. Colonel
The Liberty Greys of the Southern Legion
6th Battalion, 1st Division, ANV

The flag that Mrs. Caudell made the Southern Volunteer Battalion in Florida turned out just beautiful. Our reenacting unit has had nothing but praise for the flag! I highly recommend them for one of your flags and know you will be satisfied. Feel free to contact me for references.

Sgt. Major
Southern Volunteer Battalion

Dear Mrs. Caudell,

I received the Choctaw Battle Flag today, and wanted to express my thanks to you, for the flag is just perfect and just beautiful! Not to mention authentic as well. When I opened the package, it took my breath away. I've only experienced the "Made In Taiwan" flags hitherto, so you can imagine my delight.

Dear Mrs. Caudell

The handmade 3rd national Confederate flag I bought has the same excellent color retention as did the first handmade flag I bought, which is almost 5 years-old.

Mr. William McDonald (posted in his memory)