Confederate States 3rd National Coffin Flag

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Size 60 inches x 90 inches  -  Price $450

The canton (battle flag in corner) is 36 inches x 36 inches.

The red band at the end of the flag is 27 inches wide.

If you want it shipped by UPS add $20 and specify "ship UPS" on the Order Form.

The 3rd National was adopted by the Confederate States Congress on March 8, 1865 and was signed into law by President Jefferson Davis.  Flag dimensions were changed and a red band was sewn across the end of the fly.  The new law specified a rectangular battle flag canton.  However, almost all original 3rd national flags in existence are simply 2nd national flags with a square canton that were modified to appear as 3rd nationals by adding a red bar across the end of the flag. Therefore the canton (battle flag in corner) was square rather than rectangular as prescribed by the new law.
I make them with a square canton to match the majority of original flags which survive.

"Unlike the existing War period flags of the earlier patterns, there are very few survivors of the 1865 version as prescribed by law. Of the 3rd Nationals which do exist, most are the 1863 flag with the fly shortened and a red bar added."  The Flags of the Confederacy by Devereaux D. Cannon, Jr. St. Lukes Press & Broadfoot Publishing, 1988

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100% durable pre-washed cotton fabric.  The hoist (that part nearest the staff) is sturdy cotton canvas with whipped eyelets (you can get brass grommets if you request them - no extra charge).  ALL components are sewn, not printed nor painted on the fabric. This flag is handmade by me - not mass produced and feels and looks like an original. Consequently it cost more than "sewn component" foreign made flags which are "factory" made.