Bonnie Blue Flag

Size: 36" x 54"

Price: $75

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100% cotton fabric. The hoist (that part nearest the staff) is sturdy cotton canvas - whipped eyelets (brass grommets upon request - no extra charge) - components are sewn, not printed on the fabric

The Bonnie Blue Flag was a single white star on a blue field.  Although it was never an official flag of the Confederate States it was popular among Texas troops. 

It was the flag of the short-lived Republic of West Florida. Later, during the Civil War, it became an unofficial banner of the Confederacy, inspiring the song "The Bonnie Blue Flag," which was often sung by Southern troops.

The flag was created by Melissa Johnson, wife of Major Isaac Johnson, commander of the West Florida Dragoons. In September 11, 1810, settlers in the Spanish territory of West Florida revolted against the Spanish government and proclaimed an independent republic. The Bonnie Blue Flag was raised at the Spanish fort in Baton Rouge on September 23, 1810. On December 6, 1810, West Florida was annexed by the United States and the republic ceased to exist as an independent entity, after a life of 74 days.