Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag Charleston Depot Style

Infantry - 51" x 51" includes a white border.  Price: $350

Artillery - 36" x 36" includes border.  Price: $300

Cavalry - 30" x 30" includes border.  Price $225

Decorations may be added.  The price listed above is for the flag only.  Decorations or letters cost extra.  Letters cost $3 each sewn onto one side only.

Order Form (doc file) right click to save, open and complete in word processor then print. (recommended)
Order Form (pdf file) right click to save, print and complete by hand.

100% durable pre-washed cotton fabric that flies well and the colors do not run. The hoist (that part nearest the staff) is sturdy cotton canvas.  Whipped eyelets and/or ties.  Components are sewn, not printed on the fabric. This flag is handmade by me - not mass produced and feels and looks like an original. Consequently it cost more than "sewn component" flags which are "factory" made usually overseas.