2nd National Flag Confederate States of America

The 2nd National was adopted by the permanent Congress in the Flag Act of 1863. It became known as the "Stainless Banner" or the "Jackson Flag". Known as the Stainless Banner because of the pure white field with the square battle flag as the union. This flag was never popular with the navy or army because of its dimensions (twice as long as wide) and it could be mistaken for a flag of truce.

Wording of the Flag Act of 1863: "The field to be white, the length double the width of the flag, with the union (now used as the battle flag) to be a square of two thirds the width of the flag, having the ground red; thereon a broad saltier of blue, bordered with white, and emblazoned with white mullets or five-pointed stars, corresponding in number to that of the Confederate States.'

100% durable pre-washed cotton fabric that flies well and the colors do not bleed when wet. The hoist (that part nearest the staff) is sturdy cotton canvas - whipped eyelets and/or ties - components are sewn, not printed on the fabric. This flag is handmade by me - not mass produced and feels and looks like an original. Consequently it cost more than "sewn component" flags which are "factory" made.

Naval size: 36" x 54" - Price: $300
Army size: 36" x 72" - Price: $350

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