17th Texas Infantry flag

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The Seventeenth Texas Infantry Regiment served its entire career in the Trans-Mississippi Department. It should not be confused with the Seventeenth Dismounted Cavalry, elements of which serviced on both sides of the Mississippi. All of the engagements of the Seventeenth Texas were in Arkansas and Louisiana.

It saw action in twenty-six different engagements. including Sabine Cross Roads, Pleasant Hill, and Mansfleld. As a part of Gen. Richard Taylor's army in 1864. Apparently it received the flag depicted here early in its career.

The flag is a cotton issue similar to a flag of the Sixth Texas Infantry Regiment. It is not yet known if the similarity is merely coincidental. Only if other flags of similar design appear can any conclusions be made as to whether this flag was part of a specific pattern design.

The flag apparently saw significant action. William Westmoreland of Company E reputedly saved it after the color bearer was shot down. The flag now resides in the care of the Harrison County Museum, Marshall, Texas, courtesy of the Westmoreland family, Pieces of this flag were cut-out over the years during veterans' reunions, a common practice among the old soldiers.

I make my own flags; they are not mass produced. They feel and look like an original. Consequently they cost more than other "sewn component" flags which are "factory" made.

100% cotton fabric. The hoist (that part nearest the staff) is sturdy cotton canvas - whipped eyelets and/or ties - components are sewn, not printed on the fabric.